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Icarus, the little rooster who flew too close to the sun, is a brown/red Cochin bantam(also known as a Pekin bantam in other parts of the world) who came to live with the artist in December of 2012. He is a sweet and good natured rooster with an especial fondness for raisins and watching over his girls--Nike, Stormy, and Blueberry.

(They are "blue" Cochin bantams.)

















Because Icarus had to be in quarantine when he first arrived (standard practice when introducing a new person to a flock) he was obliged to hang out in the artist's studio for a month, and chickens, being very social creatures, he was soon perched on her knee or chair as she carved or worked on the computer--sometimes giving the keys a peck and looking up into her face as if to say--"Well, so is this how it is done?"


Please note,

The pretend cage used in the tiny film was open on one end.

Icarus is a very trusting bird and at no time showed the least worry, having been socialized around humans. That is not to say it's okay to place a rooster in a cage. Howerver, in this instance as Icarus actually--to a limited human's mind, anyhow--appeared at all times at ease and comfortable and, in fact, thought he should BE a part of the project(he was very curious about everything the artist was working on at the time) the artist made the decision to make the short.

We all want to fly, especially roosters.

In total Icarus was in the cage for approximately 60 seconds.





The girls visiting the studio.

"Nap & Preen Time," in the studio

                  (Now a daily ritual)

h o m e

'Nuf said

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